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Bondage | Singletail | Play Piercing | Electrical Play
Power Exchange and Dominance/Submission | Scene Planning
Negotiation Skills | Obtaining and Granting Consent | Erotic Hypnosis
Safety and Risk Management | Ethical Non-Monogamy
Establishing and Maintaining Boundaries

Private Coaching

Max's roots in the BDSM, queer, leather, and poly communities allow him to connect easily with a broad range of clients, and he especially cherishes his substantial "alt" clientele.

Whether in-person or online, Max offers a safe and welcoming space for you to explore, by yourself or with a partner or friend. He approaches each client with respect and curiosity, and offers his characteristic openness, warmth, empathy, and humor.

Working with Max you'll benefit from his vast personal experience, hundreds of previous coaching sessions, his ongoing professional training, and his wide circle of friends, peers, and collaborators. You'll have room to delve into and expand your kink, your sexuality, and your ability to be intimate.

You're always in the driver's seat with Max - since these are private sessions you set the agenda, the speed, and the style.

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Classes & Events

Max has taught 500+ workshops since 1999, reaching over 11,000 people. He offers in person classes in Seattle and internationally, and offers online workshops that are available anywhere.

Max is experienced, respectful, and professional. When you attend one of Max's events, you can expect a polished presentation, a safe and comfortable environment, and a surprising amount of content. Most of Max's workshops have been refined over several years, and all of them include a comprehensive, illustrated handout.

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All About Max

Max has been active in Seattle's kink community since 1992 and has taught workshops and offered private coaching since 1999. He is nourished and guided by his strong roots in the kink, queer, leather and poly communities.

Max weaves his BDSM practice into his life because it's an especially effective way to build intimacy. The level of trust, communication, and active consent required for this practice creates beautiful, powerful experiences, and deep relationships.

Max has spent a lifetime building a range of skills, to include the intimacy of rope bondage, the intensity of the singletail, the connection of erotic hypnosis, and the power of authority-transfer (D/S) relationships.

Max is always the consummate professional - competent, attentive, passionate, respectful, and empathetic. He loves what he does and is grateful for opportunities to help others explore kink and find deeper connection.